Improvement & testing of an app

“We have an Android and iOS app for our customers. Unfortunately, we have often received bad ratings regarding usability in the last few months. With the very detailed feedback and suggestions for improvement, we were able to not only improve the ratings, but also get more downloads. We also gained very valuable insights from research and other very helpful information.”

Johanna Fant
Tools used

User research involves studying and analyzing the behavior, needs, and preferences of users in order to obtain information for the design and development of products or services.


App testing involves checking the software for functionality, performance, and usability to ensure quality and to identify and fix bugs or problems.


The feedback on the app and the addressed users became progressively worse, so the client approached us to test the app and conduct user research accordingly. Our catalog of user improvements was quickly implemented and the feedback was outstanding.

  • ~80% decrease in error reports
  • 80% increase in customer loyalty
  • 2 weeks until project completion

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