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Your added value with our special capabilities

First-class software products and consulting, where the user and the product are in the foreground.

Software development & services

to generate revenue, save costs & simplify your life


to transform your processes, products and services to the digital world


to gain insights about your users, products, services and market

Auno X

to create something completely new

The 3 pillars of our services

A complete package for your requirements. We cover the complete life cycle.


Prototyping of your mobile or web application using no-code/low-code tools

Testing of your mobile or web application

Improvement of your mobile or web application

Research regarding your users, market, competitors and differentiation

Creation of a business plan

Creation of a marketing plan


Development of a mobile application using no-code/low-code tools

Development of a web application using no-code/low-code tools

Consulting regarding:

  • All aspects around your products, services and processes and how to market them
  • Digitization
  • Artificial intelligence and how to use and leverage it
  • Mobile applications
  • Web applications
  • Robotics


Support of our developed applications

Hosting of our developed applications

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We find a solution to your problem and create the best result for your users and you!

We solve a problem, which requires research and anticipation of upcoming and potential market needs.

We solve problems and build on a need that addresses a gap in the market.